Business Courses

Master Course: Advanced Environmental Remediation Specialist

 Certified Ozone Technician  Link
 Fresh Air Expert Link
 Deep Cleaning Specialist Link
 Allergy Abatement Specialist Link
 Infection Control Specialist Link
 Certified Mold Inspector Link
 Advanced Odor Mitigation Link

Specialty Courses

 Odor Removal for Real Estate Agents Link
 Recycling Entrepreneur Course Link
 Ozone Safety Training for Maintenance Worker Link
 Commercial Ozone Safety Training for Workers Link

Sustainability Training for Business

Certified Sustainability Officer Link
Certified Sustainability Consultant Link
Recycling Entrepreneur Link

Sustainable Business Training

We offer two Master courses with a series of important course sectors to achieve the master level.  They are the Advanced Environmental Remediation program for those who want to operate a IAQ type business.

We also offer the Sustainability Officer and Consultant master programs with the same courses, but with a different type of application depending on your choice. Sustainability Officers are inhouse individuals working within the company, and Sustainability Consultant work with multiple businesss, do assessments, and certifications with the Council on Green.

Specialty courses are stand alone programs that will help anyone start or improve their environmentally-friendly business.


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