Odor Mitigation Specialist

Odor Mitigation SpecialistOdor Removal services are the fondation for an array of Indoor Environmental problems.  We cover the topic of odor removal that includes the fundamentals of ozone, oxidizers, and odor modifiers.  Knowing your trade equals great results for the customer.  And success is how you build your reputation and your business.  Our underlying goal is to demonstrate environmentally-friendly and highly-effective solutions.  Oxidizing agents are amazing when you know how to use them.  Ozone is one of a few basic tools you need to have in your toolchest of solutions.

We are seeing the emergence of a new service industry to a myriad of assocaited options.  As you get started, it is encouraging to know that this service can incorporate: infection control, air duct sleaning, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, trauma cleanup, allergy abatement, and many other option that allow your business to have unlimited options.

The ERS Odor Mitigation course replaces and improves the Ozone Technician course.  Other than cleaning products, we see ozone as the gaseous form, but we also like the liquid oxidizers that are effective additions to the industry.  In addition, we like the odor modification abilities of certain essential oil as the finishing touch for many jobs.

This course and master series is approved and adopted by the National Ozone Association and the Environmental Remediation Association Intl.  Purchase of this course includes a membership in ERSAI for one year, including their support for your business.  The Firm course allows up to four people to take the training and belong to ERSAI as a certified firm



... $99 USD for online course

Certified Odor Mitigation Specialist

This course is 100% online, and fee includes testing and certification.  Passing grade is 80%, which is not difficult to accomplish.  You will receive a link and your passcodes shortly after the fee is paind.