Certified Ozone Technician

Certified Ozone TechnicianOzone (gaseous or aqueous) takes a fantastic concept from nature and duplicates the power of nature to deodorize, sanitize, neutralize, and remediate the pollution in our world.  Whether you know it or not, ozone is one of the most powerful sanitizers and deodorizers in the world.  But, because it must be delivered fresh and dissipates in less than an hour, it will never be a commercially viable product on the shelf.  Ozone does not deplete natural resources, leaves no residue, and will not pollute our world.  It is as close to a perfect solution for certain environmental problems we all face every day.

The Certified Ozone Technician is the foundation course for many since ozone is used in many types of service.  We offer a series of six applicable courses to be taken as needed.  The student will gains the knowledge and ability to operate a service to resolve a number of pressing issues.  Ozone is what may be referred to as a broad spectrum treatment that destroys odors, kills pathogens, neutralizes VOCs, and kills mold.  However, there are far more applications for ozone that most people realize.  

The Certified Ozone Technician is both a stand alone course for those wanting to know how to use ozone generators and provide ozone-type services.  We believe that those seeking to expand their abilities and create a larger business will want to offer more services than ozone alone.  Therefore, the AEM master program is intended to give the student a very practical education that is intended to serve as the foundation for a multi-sided service business.

This course and master series is approved and adopted by the National Ozone Association and the Environmental Remediation Association Intl.  Purchase of this course includes a membership in ERSAI for one year, including their support for your business.  The Firm course allows up to four people to take the training and belong to ERSAI as a certified firm

Training Options

... $99 for one person

Certified Ozone Technician

This course is 100% online, and fee includes testing and certification.  Passing grade is 80%, which is not difficult to accomplish.  You will receive a link and your passcodes shortly after the fee is paind.