Ozone Safety Training

Ozone Safety TrainingOzone is gaining popularity in many areas.  However, ozone must be applied properly.  How much ozone is needed?  How long should it be applied?  What safeguards should be taken to protect people and property?  Our Ozone Safety Training is intended to answer the core questions about ozone so maintenance workers are able to use ozone equipment safely.

We remove the myths from the facts and provide a solid course of safety training that may be used for everyone in your operation.  Because the course is online, it is always available to your team members.  They need only sign on and take the training.  If the workers complete the exam, a we will send a certificate to indicate successful safety training.

The ozone safety training course is not difficult.  The goal is to provide a basic understanding of ozone and the measures that should be used whenever ozone is being used.  In particular, this basic safety course applies to workers of any organization who may use an ozone generator as part of their general duties.  

We provide this course online, so there is 24/7 access to the training.  There is a simple exam and a certification is available for printing.  This course is approved by the National Ozone Association.

The Training Fee is $50 for one person.  Firm programs offer 24/7 access for 365 days.  This allows present and future workers to take this training.  A completion certificate will be provided once the online test is completed.  This course is not intended for those who want to enter the odor removal business.   


The Ozone Safety Training course is well suited for workers at hotels, motels, and apartment complexes.  This courses is also helpful to individuals who use ozone generators in homes.  This is a safety course for those that may use ozone is for odor control. mold, or sanitizing as necessary.  This is not intended as a course for professinal ozone services.  See: Certified Ozone Technician for professional ozone training.