Certified Mold Inspector & Remediates Training

Certified Mold InspectorWe are please to announce what we believe is the most powerful Certified Mold Training course you can find for the money.  The online training is up-to-date, innovative, and powerful.  We include the ability to spend one week with one-on-one training.  Finally, we offer the "Full Package of training, certification, live training, and the tools and products you will need to get started right away."

  • Training and Certification for Mold Inspection ....................  $299
  • Training and Certification for Mold Remediation  ...............  $299
  • Training and Certification for Mold Inpection and Remediation ........ $499
  • Training and certification with one week of one-on-one training  .... $1499
  • Training and certification with one week of one-on-one training, and equipment and product ....  $4400

What's so Different with the Axis Mold Training course?

Let's start with the products used by most mold services.  Frankly, they are dangerous and impact the health of workers.  Secondly, the cost of equipment and the truck(s) needed to haul that equipment around is astoundingly expensive.  

Our program shows a reliable and effctive mold inspection and remediation service that is Green and healthy.  Our approach is not like other training courses that employ products that work, but are dangerous.  Our equipment is actually less cumbersoms and expansive.  We have spent more than a decade in the field, doing the work, and improving what others ignore.

Our EPA registered products and application method is quite frankly a huge money maker.  Your trainer took his business to over $20,000 per month three months after starting.

Our program shows you have to have plenty of customers without paying those huge paid lead fees.

Our step-by-step program shows you how to quickly grow your business with a marketing program we pioneered with amazing success. 

Yes, we have financing available for the $4400 package.  Or you can pay for each segment with credit toward the $4400 package.