Certified Mold Inspector

Certified Mold InspectorThe ability and knowledge to act as a Certified Mold Inspector is very helpful of several types of services.  Home inspectors can add mold inspection to their credentials.  Mold remediation services may need a mold inspector, but some states require a mold inspector to operate independently from mold remediation services.  Odor removal services benefit from the mold inspection ability because some mold is superficial and mostly an odor issue.

This online course comes in two substantial modules and an online testing program.  Mold inspection is not a difficult service to master, but it is a service that requires a fair knowledge of basic construction and some problem solving skills. 

However, the ability to be the one who is called in first is an advantage.  ERS endorses and approves with course, and your Digital Badge will be proof that you are a serious professional.  You can chase mold inspection courses at ten times the price, but this course has everything you need and more.

Our network is a support system that does not end with certification.  We can show you how to be a success in the mold inpsection and remediation business.

$199 USD for Online Course - Link will be sent after payment is processed.