Advanced Odor Mitigation

Odor MitigationWe are pleased to offer the Advanced Odor Mitigation course, and it is our hope that it addresses many of the questions we get at the office on a regular basis.  There are several difficult odor and cleaning challenges that may seen impossible to solve.  However, the solution starts with knowing how difficult cases are handled by other professionals.

 If you are in the service business, you will eventually run into this issue.  It ties to carpet cleaning, mold remediation, fire and flood, general cleaning services, and hoarder home problems.  In everyday life, it is a huge issue in homes with pets.  And, it happens in businesses, no matter how they try to ignore it.  Frankly, if you start paying attention, there are hundreds of places that could use some serious help for odor removal or mitigation.

The Advanced Estimating and Odor Mitigation course is 100% online, and just $100.  If you own a company and want to make this course available for four people, there is a flat $250 fee for unlimited use by one operation.  Every graduate will get a handsome, parchment certificate.  

If you are a member of ERSAI or NOAI, you will also receive the digital badge pictured on the right.  This is a great way to enhace you website, brochures, or marketing material.

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