Odor Removal for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Odor Removal

Yes, odors are a powerful influence on everyone, and the real estate industry has yet to catch up to the true Science of Odors.  When they do, there will be an added opportunity to help eager prospects become enthusiastic buyers.  

We are offering a powerful online course for real estate agents, property management, apartment complex managers, and real estate investors.  Our sense of smell is one of the most primitive and core connection to past memories and emotional relationships.  You lower or increase the odds for a successful match when the positve aspects of an apartment, condo, or house connect with a larger group.  Why limit your success when a few simple steps remove emotional barriers to a sale.


We offer a twenty-page training course on Odor Removal for Real Estate Agents.  This is not a sales course, but a specialty insight that may affect 10% to 20% of potential buyers.  Why limit your success when the solution can be so simple?

This course is available to individuals or all members of your office at a very minimal fee.  Or, invite our skilled expert to address your conference or group to provide a powerful and informative presentation.