CSO Program

Sustainability OfficerThe concept of a sustainable business operation has often been isolated to issues of energy conservation, recycling, or a few Green product purchases.  A sustainable business, however, is a progressive mission that seeks to improve the overall performance of the company on many levels.  The mixture of sustainable improvements are never the same for each company, and the program requires more than a momentary effort.

The Sustainability Officer is trained to understand the various sustainable opportunities that can be applied, and then uses a categorized list of possible solutions to create a sustainability plan for the business.  We believe the sustainability is about progress not promotion, meaning that the year-to-year progress should not be neglected and there should be intermediary goals on the way to a certified recognition of progress.

We have prepared an extensive, online training program for Certified Sustainability Officers who is the in-house person or team members organizing and implementing the proposed sustainability plan.  The same course is offered to Certified Sustainability Consultants who are at-large consultants for multiple business and the assessor for the sustainability officers in their area.  This creates an ad hoc team of those committed to measurable progress of the area businesses with a system that is flexible and easy to implement.

The core of the application side of the training program is a categorized, wide-ranging list of sustainable improvements with assigned points.  This list provides a menu of choices that can be used to compose a basic sustainability plan for any size or kind of business.  Over time, the points awarded for sustainability improvements add up to a level of recognition and certification.

The Council on Green oversees the points system and awards the certifications that have been properly verified.  There is no fixed time frame or prescribed steps to certification.  The emphasis is on measureable progress that leads to a certification of meaningful goals as a result of a commitment that spans a year or more of improved performance.