Odor Removal for Real Estate Agents

By request, we have developed a very practical course for those in any aspect of the real estate sector showing the best methods to get rid of odors.  We have drawn from the best experts in the business to pass along a concise training program that will prove to be very helpful.  Whether you are a real estate investor, a facility management firm, or a real estate agency; this course is very valuable.  

As an online mini-course, the material covers 15 pages of easy-to-understand ideas.  More than the traditional fresh-baked cookies and potpourri, real estate people will learn how to effectively eradicate odors that could discourage potential customers.  

As additional information, the course also cover related topics of minimizing allergens, getting rid of mold and mildew smell, and how to quickly sanitize a home for the next family.

For a limited time, this course is offered free of charge.  Our mini-courses range from $25-S45, so this offer is for a limited time only.

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