Business Strategies

The Service Provider BusinessWe are now seeing the rise of "Hands-On Businesses" that may not require a college education, but a desire to fill the numerous needs in their communities.  In fact, some of the best-paying businesses may be the business you start.  Of course, every business needs to be eco-friendly, available on-call, and professionally done.

Axis Training Center is ready to assist those who are ready to start their business and control their future.  Service businesses do not come with promises, but they do not limit you income or your future.  

OUR MISSION is  to provide an online educational courses for those who want to develop a business that serve people and society.  To that end, we offer unique and practice training programs that lead to a full or part-time career in an environmentally proactive industry.  These are:

Axis Training Center works to develop a network of "Service-type Businesses.  In a working alliance, Axis Training Center is linked to the Environmental Remediation Services (ERSAI) and Call Remy Service Director to assist in the effect luanch of various business types.  We endeavor to provide the critical elements of: Training and Certification, Business Devlopment and Marketing, and the best Equipment so there is little room for critical mistakes.