Environmentally Safe Cleaning

Environmentally Safe Cleaning is a practical course that offers four training segments:

   1- Basic Cleaning Principles:  We start with the things most cleaning services should already know.  The constant turn over of workers, however, often means that the concepts necessary for commercial cleaning can be misssed.  We also look at the reasons for the cleaning program that moves the workers from task-orientation to values of their work.

   2- Environmental Improvements:  In ESC II, we build on the basic of cleaning to introduce ideas that will make average cleaning into Environmentally Safe Cleaning.

   3- Environmental Products: In ESC III, we will illustrate the tools, products, and practices for environmentally safe cleaning.  

   4- Environmental Integrations: In ESC IV, the goal is to show methods of integration of the cleaning program into an overall sustainable business.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning is designed to be universal, allowing cleaning services from any country to find ways to improve their cleaning services.  This course is offered by Axis Training Center in coordination with the Council on Green and the Environmental Remediation Services.