ERS Program

Environmental Remediation ServicesWhen involved in the environmental remediation services (ERS), you will encounter a variety of environmental challenges that go beyond a single cure.  Therefore, we have developed a series of courses that we know are essential to a comprehensive environmental remediation services.  These courses are:

     ♦ Certified Ozone Technician training
     ♦ Fresh Air Expert course
     ♦ Deep Cleaning Specialist
     ♦ Allergy Abatement Specialist
     ♦ Infection Control Specialist
     ♦ Advanced Odor Mitigation
The indoor air quality (IAQ) can be affected by a variety of problems, and the needed services can and will vary.  A serious environmental remediation professional will need a wide variety of knowledge and tools to properly remediate building and business problems that may affect health or impact the community.  These programs are not clinical, but a practical instruction of the various practical challenges we anticipate those in the remediation services will face.
Graduates of the ERS program will earn a series of digital badges for each course, and will have the benefit of an impressive badge to be worn on your belt.
As a group, the program is $495, and for those with some courses achieved, you can still earn your ERS certification and badge taking the courses one-by-one.